Dan's cars along the way - in process

My first wheels. The "hoopie" made by my Dad. [1966-67] Out of the Navy and off to college. I got a red & white 1957 Galaxie 500 from my Uncle in Portland. It had new paint and was great (This image from web) [67-68] 67 Chevrolet Corvair Monza. White with red interior. It was a road oiler. (This image from the web) [68-69] 68 Dodge Monaco, 383 auto, 2dr coupe. Not sure why I ever owned this one. It was nice and quick though, just not earthshaking.  (This image from the web) [69-71] The King, a 1968 El Camino, SS-396, 350hp, 4 speed. It was fun and could keep up with the 440RT Chargers.
It met its demise when rear-ended by a big  Ford wagon at a stop light in Sunnyvale, CA. [69-72] I got a stock blue Morris Minor Woody Wagon from a girl in college. I towed it to CA and had years of grocery getting in it. Sold it to a local hot rodder that was going to put a 289 Ford in the rear. Never saw it again. (photo from lainefamily.com collection) [71-72] 1971 Ford Mustang Grande. Way too civilized. Should have been a fastback. [72-73] 1972 Porsche 911T, signal yellow. I only kept it for a year. I was too small for my 6'1" frame. It was fun, but just not American iron. The 4 wheel disc brakes were fabulous. [69-71] Willys Jeep, 4 banger ex military was a toy. Bought it from a college buddy working at the Air Reserve base in Portland motor pool. He had sneaked it out piece by piece off the base and had a title. It was supposed to be scrapped out for disposal.
I drove it at 45 mph from Portland to Sunnyvale, CA  down mostly I-5. With 15:00x15 tires it was fun at Santa Cruz beach. [75-76] This Galaxie 500 was my Motorola company car after returning to Portland, then Bellevue, WA.Those big cruisers were great for sales calls around the NW. [76-78] Left Moto and moved to Manhatten Beach, CA. I drove what ever van or beater that was available as we started the computer business. [78-79] When I met Roxane, the woman that changed it all. She proudly drove this XX Honda CVCC. It had to go with the high cost of repairs and LA freeway driving. [78-80] The Honda was replaced with a new 1978 Ford Thunderbird  with with 351cuin engine. Another great cruiser.
[80-81] We got married and decided to "bag" SoCal. On a previous trip the Galaxie was moved to Kirkland, WA. I got the 79 Corvette 4spd and we vacationed the West as we traveled North. It was a lackluster car, so it went down the road to a new owner. [81-80] I needed a brush beater for the NW, so I got this Blazer from a CA buddy and drove it back up. [80-81]  This Olds Cutlass was a company car from one of the wireless companies I worked for. Comfortable but boring. [81-82] After starting my service company I got this Pontiac Firebird, v-6, auto. What was I thinking. It was gutless and always shifting up and down. It lasted a year.
[80-80] This xxxx V8 Firebird was really great. It went way over 100K miles. A friend fell asleep driving it one night and smashed it up. I fixed it up and sent it down the road. [80-80] Along this same time the Blazer was run ragged and was replaced with this xx Ford Bronco 4WD It was a great rig for boat towing and equipment deliveries. Replaced by GMC dually below. [80-80] The Corvette itch was back. This new 84 was beautiful and fun. I enjoyed it for 6 years but sold it to raise cash for the dream house.
[80-80] I got this 19' jet boat from another CA buddy. It was tired so we painted it the same silver as the corvette. It had a balance 460 ford with single 4 barrel. It would really haul. It became trading stock for the next boat. [86-90]  I saw this for sale somewhere and the price was just too good. A xx Plymouth Road Runner, 440 six pack It needed a lot of cleanup and the front seat covers replaced. It was the fastest beast owned. It too was sold for cash for the dream house. Darn! [85-86] I went through a few 1979 Cadillac Sevilles. They were fun and cheap.
[85-present] This led me to a project car called the xxxx. It was a 79 Seville with 22 inches cut out where the rear door was. The kit part was a few formed steel parts and an instruction manual. It was fun to build and I still have it for summer cruising. [90-80] Soon I needed a bigger boat hauler. This xx GMC One Ton Crew Cab dually was the answer. It had low hour 454, RV trans and 4WD. After 20 years I gave it to my brother in Salem. [89-present] The next great tow was this Mirage 270, off shore race boat. It has a pair of Chevrolet 350's with 4 barrels. I have been everywhere in the Puget Sound and Southern BC with it. It's now in the driveway waiting for me to replace the port engine after it sucked water somehow back through the exhaust. It was running when I put it away, but something went bad during the winter.
[80-80] After the white Firebird I needed a larger sedan for work I got a new Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe. Turbo V-6 with 5 speed. [80-80] Another fantastic car was this '94 Chevrolet Impala SS. Went 130K miles and sold on E-bay. Replaced by Avalanche. [80-80] I found this 71 Ford Bronco, V-8 completely stock in Tacoma. I performed the standard surgeries on it. Fender flairs,  wide tires and glass packs.  It was fun to play with off road, but a suicide mobile on the highway. It was really squirley. It lives in Edmonds somewhere now. [80-80] As a replacement toy I got this 81 Chevrolet El Camino, 4 spd.
[04-08] I dragged this 59 Cadillac Coupe deVille out of the brush on an Indian reservation west of Chehalis. After looking at it for 5 years I decided it wasn't going to be restored by me. It is now in Eugene somewhere. [06-present] The 2006 Chevrolet Avalanche is a great vehicle. It has lots of functionality, comfort and features. At 116K miles it still runs great. It is the primary ride. [2001-present] This silver 1996 Corvette, Collectors Edition has been a kick to own. It has great handling, great audio and the removable hard top. Unfortunately it only gets out of the garage a month or two in the summer. [07-12] I bought this 2006 Cadillac CTS on a trip to Salem for Roxane. She was putting on lots of work miles and had to park in tight lots. Great creature comforts but it was hard for me to get in and out. It was a "chick car." My senior lady neighbor now enjoys it. [12-Present] I wanted a quick daily driver that was reminiscent of the 70's. This is a 2010 Dodge Challenger, SRT-8, 5 speed auto. Color is the old 70's Plum Crazy Purple. It has way more interior and trunk space than the new Camaros. Dealer photo had the best color image of PCP.