Liberty School, Salem, Oregon, Graduating Class of 1957.

Welcome to the webpage of the 1957 graduating class of Liberty Elementary School, Salem, Oregon. This was created in an effort to fill in the missing names and possibly host a sub-reunion at the Class of 1963 South Salem High School 50th reunion. If we have your information incorrect, email to one of the addresses at the bottom with the correction. If you just found us and want to be part of any future events let us know as well.

The plot thickens though. Do you remember the "Time Capsule" that was buried outside of Mr. Bryan's office in the front lawn? That is the mystery, where? I emailed the school and there is no record of that event, just a drawer full of old photos that have collected. So sometime in early 2013 Vicki Andrews and Joyce Cates have agreed to go down and dig through the "archive" drawer for a clue to the mystery. That capsule was supposed to be opened 50 years later. I guess we missed that date. So we will continue to probe the world for classmates and recollections about the great "Time Capsule" burial of 1957. Maybe we can perform a dig in the fall of 2013.

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(Photo from Kay Withers, Liberty School '60)

Dan Withers    or  Vicki Andrews Sanders

►  January 21, 2014 - Received an email about a second Time Capsule (See below)
►  January 18, 2014, Saturday - Liberty followup Lunch in Salem (See below)
►  August 26, 2013, Monday - Posted the first post-reunion photos on this page.

►  August 23, 2013, Friday, 2pm - Class Reunion at the Liberty School campus. Watch here for more details as they evolve.

 August 14, 2013 - Added the Reunion attendees and Classmate list email copy.

 August 9, 2013 - Added the Liberty Staff photos from documents in the photo box.

 August 9, 2013 - Added two Liberty history documents.   Early Days in the Valley    Liberty School Centennial 1868-1968

 July 7, 2013 - Vicki emailed the current newsletter. View it HERE.

 July 7, 2013 - Vicki sends iPhone photos of the 5 & 6 grade class with the names identified. Mystery solved. Now I need to mark the 5th graders in the name table. Green fill signifies a 5th grader name.

 June 9, 2013 - Vicki Sanders and Dan Hughes return to Liberty to get another box of photos. The photos of our era had the student names on an adjacent page. That cleared up many of the missing names on the 5th & 6th grade photos.

 April 26, 2013 - See photo below of the second class of 6th graders held in a second floor room of the old building. This photo provided by Mike Barker. Please forward any names not listed or make corrections as you see it.

 April 11, 2013 - Ron Boise successfully connects with Mr. Bryan's wife. Read the details below.

 March 4, 2013 - Added Expanded online Liberty School Newsletter.

January 21, 2014 Email - A Second Time Capsule?

Hi Dan,

I attended Liberty Grade School from 1st through 6th. (1963 - 1969)  Interesting thing about the time capsule in 1957, because there are TWO.  We also buried a capsule during the years I attended. I can't remember what year we buried it but it had something to do with Oregon's Birthday, I remember we had a birthday cake for the State.  Ours was buried past the playground towards the white house that had horses with a white wood fence.  I always wondered whatever happened to ours.  I think it got bulldozed when they demolished the white house and built the small subdivision.  Did you guys find any record of that one?  Interesting huh?  I have talked about that to people for years and no one remembers it either!!  Just curious, I have a high-need-to-know type of personality!   

When you are a kid, you really think you are doing something cool, only to find out know one even documented it!   

If you know anything about the second capsule, I would love to hear about it! 

Linda Abel (Coonrod)

Vicki recalls:  I have some recollection that the Liberty school bicentennial scrapbook (that we gave to the Historical Society) made mention of another time capsule buried in 1968, which would fit with Linda's memories.  The Liberty School Women's Club planted some trees in '68 in honor of the school's 100 years, and I thought it was said that a time capsule was buried under the trees.  Could be wrong on where it was buried, but pretty sure they did bury one at that time.  

Dan went through the pile of Liberty history documents and sent this telling document to Linda.    Read This

Linda replies:  Dan, Thank you so much!  That is so funny, I was in Mrs. Warren's class and remembered singing "Cool Water".  I saw that Helen Kurth accompanied on the piano, which would be our class, Carole Kurth and I were in the same class, 1st through 6th.

I loved reading the documents, thank you again.  You know it has always been said that our memories ususally aren't as accurate as we think.

January 2014 Followup lunch in Salem

During the early weeks of January 2014 I had several emails with Vicki about trying to get any of the missing gang together for January 18, 2014 since I would be in Salem for a family delayed Christmas get together. She put the word out and created a happening for for that Saturday at the Best Little Roadhouse, 1145 Commercial St. SE, Salem, OR 97302 at 1pm. The date and time arrived and we had a great spot in the back room for our medium sized group of 12. Those attending are highlighted with the attached photos. We spent the time gabbing around the table and reporting to the group what we had been doing the last 56 years.

(Photo to the right) Dan and Roxane Withers, Mary and Danny Hughes, -->

Dwayne and Colleen Aas.

In attendance but taking the pictures on her cellphone was
Joyce Cates Mennis.
Mary Blanchard Smith, Karen Sorenson Nye and Gary Nye. Vicki Andrews Sanders and husband Robert Baldwin.

Liberty School Reunion Day,  Friday August 24, 2013

In attendance from Left to Right: Alton Albin, Ron Boise, John Luchau, Vicki Andrews Sanders, Danny Hughes, Mike Barker, Dan Withers, John Bolner, Mary Blanchard Smith and Dwayne Aas. Attended but missed this picture, Sheiry Troxell Beard and Polly Clark. See 1st two photos below. We had a telephone call with Joyce Cates Mennis and Carol Jones, who could not attend. Karen Sorenson Nye had to be in Colorado. Ron Turvey and Richard Bunse thought they could make it, but didn't.

Mary Hughes, Dan Hughes wife, Sheiry Troxell Beard and Mary Blanchard Smith. Dan Withers, Polly Clark, Danny Hughes. Our host and tour guide, Principal Bill Wittman. Our Guest speaker and 1957 Liberty Principal, Mr. Wally Turnidge.

Front of School and new Gym building.        

Playground area.        

The same 6th grade classroom that we had.        

Dan Ditto from SSHS reunion in gray shirt visiting. Vicki calling Joyce.     Dan W. greeting Mr. Turnidge.



David Rowe (black shirt) from SSHS visiting and enjoying the conversation.        

Old Liberty scrapbooks and documents.        

Library tour.        

Cafeteria tour.        

New Gym tour. Smell the fresh varnish? We did.      

Calvin Mitchell Bryan:  April 29, 1925 to January 17, 2010

On April 11th Ron Boise had a telephone conversation with Mrs. Calvin Bryan (Jeane) at her home in Pendleton, OR.

He asked her if she could tell him something about her husband, and she said she'd be happy to help out.  They met when she was 17,  and he 22.  He had just gotten out of the Navy during the WWII era, where he had been stationed on the USS Independence, an aircraft carrier in the Pacific.  In 1950, they married and both became teachers in Adams, (Adams is about 13 miles northeast of Pendleton) a little town not far from Pendleton, she taught the first and second grades, he the fifth and sixth grades.  He was about thirty years old when he transferred to Liberty. 

They moved back to Pendleton where they both took up teaching once more. 

They had just celebrated their 60th anniversary when he passed away at home in January 2010 from Parkinson's disease at age 85.

Liberty School Staff - 1956-1957

Louise Brooks 2nd Elnora McClellan 2nd Beverly Kayser 4th Vivian Hooper 3rd Wallace Turnidge Principal
Betty Jophnson 3rd Louise Brown 1st Jean Coleman 5th Alvida Brian 5th & 6th Calvin Bryan 6th
Bernice Cave Secretary        

Liberty School, Grade 5 & 6, the mystery is solved. This is the second group with names.

Theresa Deboer Bert Jones Melda Sunderland Pat Croghan Diane Taylor John Bolnor Jackie Burgess Dennis Hanson Carol Jones
Dwayne Aas Betty Petersen Mike Barker Nann Nelson   Bill Nichols Pam Gordon Joe Elaqua Carolyn Gibson
Mrs Brown James Moskull       Green is 5th grader   Joe Anne Edmundson Sue Hughes


Liberty School, Grade 6, the mystery second class room from the second floor of the old building.













Dwayne Aas
confirmed '60 Judson Sceptre






Mike Barker

Nann Nelson

 John Bolner confirmed '60 Judson Sceptre





Carol Jones

Betty Peterson confirmed '60 Judson Sceptre

Joe or Joel??


Liberty School, Grade 6, Feb 1957 - Mr Bryan

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
    Alton Albin Barbara Meech Mr. Cal Bryan        
    Bill Berry Tom Childers Richard Alexander Sheiry Troxell John Luchau Karen Sorenson Dan Withers
  Christine Butler Ron Boise Mary Kay Bent Lila Braatan Larry Schmaal Mary Blanchard Dan Hughes Dick Edge
  Dick Bunse Margaret Gates Sharon Knepper Vicki Andrews Joyce Cates Mary Ann Agalzoff Evelyn Cobb Fred Fagg
  Polly Clark Bob Smith Karen Anderson Ron Turvey Carolyn Gibson Steve Kurtti Kristen Anderson Bill Cusick

Liberty School, Grade 6, Feb 1957

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  Christine Butler John Luchau Karen Sorenson Fred Fagg Mary Blanchard Ron Boise Evelyn Cobb Tom Childers Lila Braatan
  Dick Bunse Sharon Knepper Dick Edge Barbara Meech Alton Albin Mary Kay Bennet Steve Kurtti B8 Mary Ann Agalzoff
  Bob Smith Polly Clark Dan Withers Vicki Andrews   Richard Alexander Joyce Cates C8 Karen Anderson
  Mr. Bryan Dan Hughes Kristen Anderson       Bill Berry Margaret Gates Ron Turvey

Liberty School, Grade 5, March 1956

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  Joe Elaqua Margaret Gates Gary Friese Kathy Saunders Donald Mahoney Pamela Gordon Tom Childers Carol Jones Dick Edge
  Polly Clark Dan Withers Karen Anderson Fred Fagg Kristen Anderson Richard Alexander Judy Cates Ron Boise Mary Ann Agalzoff
  Nann Nelson Dick Bunse Sharon Knepper Douglas Brondel Mary Blanchard Mike Barker Carolyn Gibson Dan Hughes Joyce Cates
  Lila Braatan Barbara Meech Bill Berry Carol Volesky   Mary Kay Bent Alton Albin Karen Sorenson Ron Turvey
  Mr. Bryan               Bob Smith



Liberty School Grade - 2  1953

This must have been a Motherís Day photo as it was pasted inside a letter with first grade writing to my Mom about how much I loved her. The photo is small and not that clear to start with, so I guess this is as good as it gets. - Dan