Trimble SVeeSix CM-3
(Updated 11-30-2012)

Trimble  P/N 25040-61. 
8 Channel GPS board with either TSIP , TAIP or NMEA Data String Output. 1Hz rate, 5 VDC power, CMOS TTL level ports, SMA GPS Antenna Connector

Magnetic Mount Active Antenna P/N 28367 with SMA antenna connector

Trimble CM-3 data sheet

Interfacing and accessing the 1ppm signal.
Version of above for the CM-3 receiver
DOS program to monitor the 1pps output
Version of above for the CM-3 receiver
Trimble GPSSK program to decode TAIP output
Trimble manual section on TAIP
Trimble FTP site . Includes "C" examples.
Print out index.pdf for details. I used program 30323-63 to convert from TAIP to NMEA
Schematic and Board layout to use CM-3
Lots of Ham hardware to use with gps receivers. One example is ->

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